Navigating Rental Assistance

The government invested billions of dollars into rental assistance programs across the country. A rental assistance program may be available to you and your property. We have developed this Rental Assistance Matrix to help you navigate through some of the details so that you can determine whether any of the programs fit your needs and circumstances. 

Rental Assistance Programs  

Important Note:
Many rental assistance programs are running low or have run out of money, but many have applied for additional funding. We are including links to all area programs, but understand that availability of assistance is NOT guaranteed. Be sure to check the status of each program.

The purpose of this page is to inform renters of various programs and agencies that may be able to provide financial assistance. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. There may be other programs and agencies available. Additionally, please understand that programs and agencies may have limited funds, may have varying qualification processes and requirements and may not be available for all renters seeking assistance. Further, there may be some programs or agencies that only provide services to limited geographic areas in our community.

The Harris County TERAP has received funding for rental assistance. Apartment owners and residents in Harris County, but not in the city limits of Houston, Baytown or Pasadena, can apply for this program.
To apply for the program please visit:

The City of Houston and Harris County have received additional funding for rental assistance. 
To apply for the program please visit:


For Residents to Apply  

  • Follow this link to apply  Click Here
  • FAQ Document - Click Here
  • NOTE: This is a NEW program and you must apply to be considered.

Click HERE  for more information about the program.

 Rent and Mortgage Assistance Program

Now processing applications online. To apply go to

Note, payments will be made to either the resident or the landlord depending on what funding source the resident qualifies for.
Renter Information flyer – Click Here