The following information is designed to give you an overview of the advertising opportunities available through your HAA membership. If you have any questions or need further information, please call Amanda Sherbondy at 713-595-0316 or email  

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ABODE Magazine - The monthly publication exclusively for the Houston multifamily industry. ABODE has a circulation of 5,000 copies each month and is read by over 28,000 buyers and decision-makers. Every management company receives a copy at their corporate offices and a copy is mailed and read by the on-site personnel at each of their properties. In addition, designates who have earned their NALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS and IROP receive their own subscription, as well. Reserve your ad space 30 days in advance of each issue.
ABODE Editorial Calendar    
ABODE Ad Specifications     

HAA ThisWeek
- A direct connection with multifamily professionals. With an average of a 23% open rate every week, you have an opportunity to be one of two advertisers on our weekly e-blast "HAA ThisWeek." Reaching over 7,000 individual email addresses every Monday, receivers will read to find out what events are coming up this week and what lies ahead the following week. There are two positions available in this format as a "First" or "Second" position holder.  We'll prominently display your logo or icon either at the top of the email (first position) or in the middle of the email (second position) and the reader can click directly to your website. Inquire about available display dates and more details.
HAA ThisWeek Advertising Rates

Website Banner Ads
 - Be visible when the HAA Website receives over 32,000 hits per month! Banner ads are a great way to gain exposure for your company. Several pages are available for purchase on a monthly basis. Your ad will be prominently displayed and have a live link with a click through to your company website. Click below for rates and other information.
HAA Banner Ad Rate sheet

Directory & Buyer's Guide - Ad space sales are open from August 1st through September 30th.  This is the primary resource tool for all HAA members. HAA members represent over 660,000 units in the Houston and surrounding area, receives one on their property and at their main office. They use the Directory and Buyer's Guide to locate companies to provide them with products and services. It is the "yellow pages" of the apartment industry. As a member you receive an alphabetical company listing and up to two categorical listings. Enhance your visibility with a display ad in the category of your choice for a reasonable cost. Purchase a full page ad and your listing will be bumped up to the top of the page on our online version of the Buyer's Guide.  Inquire for more information.
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HAA Advertising Bundles - Want to save money on BULK advertising in all avenues? Click below to view advertising packages and save money on your marketing campaign! Pick from the recommended packages or contact us to produce your very own package to fit your company needs and budget. 
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