Marketing Place is intended for:

  • Leasing Professionals
  • Marketing Directors
  • Property Managers
  • Supervisors


Detailed Session Descriptions:

Avenues: Marketing Place - 1
February 22nd
Social Media Marketing for a Department of One
With Kimberly Scott

Learn how to brand your business by making the most out of social media! Attendees will learn about selecting a platform, and managing and growing an audience base using curated and repurposed content. We’ll also discuss tips for content creation for each social media channel.

 In this class you’ll learn:

  • Developing a social media strategy for each channel based on your audience
  • Assisting the audience with setting up a profile correctly in real-time including hashtags
  • Simple tools/apps to help edit and redistribute content on other social media channels to level up all social media


Avenues:  Marketing Place – 2
May 24th
Video, Video, Video: The best ways to use video for marketing, leasing, and communication
With Lisa Trosien,

As of this year, video now makes up over 80% of all internet traffic, with more people saying they want to learn about a product or service through video than any other means. Just because you have pre-recorded virtual tours doesn’t mean you’re maximizing your marketing strategy. Learn from Lisa the best possible ways to showcase your property through video (TikTok, Instagram, and more), as well as ways you may not even be utilizing. Additionally, Lisa covers important video enhancements that will make your videos more watchable, sharable, and even more effective. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about video, this class is bound to teach you something new.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to use video for initial and follow-up communication with potential residents
  • New and different ways to utilize video for marketing, leasing, and improved SEO
  • The best possible way to create virtual tours (both live and pre-recorded), such as tour techniques, presentation skills, length of tour, and more


Avenues: Marketing Place – 3
October 11th
Say YES to the Address
With Leah Brewer, Full House Training

Have you watched the popular reality show on TLC that has a similar name? It’s filmed at the posh Kleinfeld’s in New York City. Did you know there are at least 5 great sales and closing ideas we can learn from the amazing team presenting their bridal dresses? Discover your client’s needs, present your best options, and get your prospect to cry out YES! to their new address. Learn tips and tools to make every leasing presentation a memorable event. Match the prospect to the product correctly and you will make the right match and get commitment.

 In this class you’ll learn:

  • Learn advanced sales and closing ideas to incorporate into presentations
  • Connect with the emotional needs of the prospect
  • Conquer price objections and create a joyous event for the YES!