Programs on Main Street are designed for all on-site and entry-level multifamily professionals, including:

  • Leasing Professionals
  • Managers
  • Maintenance personnel 

Main Street Programs cover the fundamental subjects of multifamily:

  • Fair Housing
  • Customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Communication
  • Life skills

Detailed Session Descriptions

Avenues: Main Street - 1
April 6th
Basic to Bougie! Elevating Your Customer Experience to Extraordinary!
With Nina Troester & Michelle Molinaro, Savvy Property Solutions

In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford to have a service that is just “basic.” The definition of “bougie” is aspiring to be of a higher or better class. In layman’s terms, this means doing your best to be better every day!  We must do the common uncommonly well. Our guests are judging everything we do and say from the moment we come in contact with them, and residents are coming at us from every angle with questions, problems, and complaints. Are we presenting excellence or are we letting them see us sweat? This seminar will truly help to re-motivate and put things in perspective. If you want to shine and have the best customer experience ever, join us!

In this class you will learn: 

  • Elevating your customer service experience from average to extraordinary
  • Adapting to constant change
  • Creating an environment of resiliency for our teams and magic moments for our customers
  • Managing your own brand
  • Creating a vibrant culture, motivating your team, and celebrating successes


Avenues: Main Street– 2
July 18th
Why Ya' Gotta Be So Mean? Dealing with angry residents
With Lisa Trosien,

It seems like everyone is a little bit cranky these days, doesn’t it? With a possible recession, a pandemic that’s STILL going, politics, and everything else, it doesn’t take much to set people off, does it? When you understand WHY people are cranky, it becomes a lot easier to deal with their attitudes. Join industry professional Lisa Trosien to learn not only the ‘why,’ but simple techniques to calm down mean people, while keeping your mental health in a good place. Discover the power of emotional contagion, why you should always seek to understand where people are coming from, how to practice active listening, and so much more to keep you calm and collected during your workdays.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your cool with angry residents
  • Self-care techniques for yourselves and co-workers
  • How to actively listen and work with angry residents, while trying to solve their problems to the best of your ability


Avenues: Main Street - 3
November 15th
Apathy To Empathy: 4 Methods to Cure Fatigue & Bring the Compassion Back
With Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

Feeling burned out and drained from stressful days and demanding customers? The first step to regaining the desire to serve is the awareness that your compassion “bucket” is empty. The “cost of caring”, otherwise known as compassion fatigue, can lead to negativity at work, loss of enjoyment, and depression. Move from apathy to empathy and bounce back stronger than ever. Amy will give you 4 strategies to get you back on track and equip you with the techniques to regain a new caring outlook.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Create awareness of compassion fatigue and its effect on career and overall health
  • Discard the stigma of self-compassion and embrace an on-going self-care plan to recharge compassion
  • Develop a game plan packed with ready-to-implement techniques to enhance empathy and overall happiness