Program Objective:
To enhance the skills of the apartment portfolio supervisor, resulting in better supervised and more profitable rental properties with improved owner relations and increased employee productivity.

  CAPS Credential Qualifications:

• Minimum of 24 months of multi-site property management experience or be a CAM,ARM, or RAM credential holder in good standing
•Successful completion of all CAPS course work (totaling 40 hours) 
•Pass the CAPS exam within 6 months of declaring candidacy 

Course Schedule and Fees
• The CAPS crriculum is comprised of six modules and is administered by HAA in five days over the course of one week
• Check-in and registration begins at 8:30
• Modules vary in length; classes generally will conclude by 5pm or earlier
• Light Breakfast and Lunch are provided
• Total Program Cost: $1500
• All textbooks, exam fees, and meals are included in the course fee

2024 Schedule

December 2: Client Services and Stakeholder Relations

December 3: Investment Management

December 4: Improving Occupancy

December 5: Asset Evaluation and Preservation

December 6: Talent Management & Leadership and Contemporary Issues in Multifamily Housing